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Legal notice

Welcome to the homepage of Growcheck(“we/us/our”). Please familiarize yourselves with these legal notices about your use of our homepage lest you should face difficulties with using it.


Our homepage is part of our valuable assets. All copyrights concerning or arising from the homepage shall revert to us. All services, materials and information (“information and the like”) provided by us are for non-commercial or personal use and thus information and the like provided including texts, images, voices, downloaded files, links, and source codes shall not be downloaded or used for a commercial or public purpose or amended or distributed without our prior written consent.

Legal disclaimer

We do not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or completeness of services and information and the like provided by our homepage and other relevant sites. Please keep in mind that materials and expressions provided by our homepage are not free of errors except for those about which we provide written guarantee. Particularly, please refrain from using information provided through our website service directly for sales or trading that may have an impact on your business. Under no circumstances, shall we be responsible for direct/indirect, ancillary or special loss or damage incurred by you due to information and the like provided by our homepage.

No copying our brand

A party that copies our brand may be subject to punishment under ① the Commercial Act, Article 23 (Prohibition of Use of Trade Names Causing Misconception on Ownership of Business), ② the Trademark Act,Article107 (Right to Seek Injunction, etc. against Infringement), ③ the Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act, Article 4 (Right to Request Prohibition of Acts of Unfair Competition, etc.), etc. Under any circumstances, a third party is restricted from using our symbol and no one shall misuse or infringe upon our brand either online or offline.

Changes in notices

All users of our service provided by our homepage shall be deemed to consent to the content of this notice. We have the right to inform customers of a change in the detailed items stated in this notice and conditions for use with a reasonable notice or change the content of this notice from time to time without prior notice per generally accepted practices in the Internet industry. Accordingly, you shall familiarize yourselves with a change in conditions for use by periodically checking relevant details.

These Terms and Conditions shall take effect on August 1, 2017.