Privacy Policy

1. the purpose of the processing of personal data

Growcheck (‘’ less than ‘Growcheck’) and processing of personal information for the purpose of the following purposes other than the purpose of the following :Not to use.
For customer identification, on customers - you according to the identification and authentication service delivery, membership retention and management, supply, goods or payment amount according to the goods or services. Supply and delivery of services, and so on.

2. holding period and the processing of personal data

① The Growcheck have personal information, and use of consent when collecting personal information received from the period (is) information or legislation. Holds and personal information treatment within the period, and use of personal information.

② specific processing of personal data and holding period is as follows :
- Subscription and management : customer service contract or until termination, and membership.

3. Retention period for the processing of personal data

Growcheck (is) information of a separate agreement of the legislation, special Act privacy regulations, if applicable, in Article 17.But do not provide personal information to third parties.

4. Consigned processing of personal information

① Growcheck is for smooth processing of personal information : personal information processing tasks entrusted to it.

(bailee) : those who - committed.
- entrusted the contents of the business : identification, handling complaints, according to a subscription service, disclaimer to others without retyping it.
- trust period : one year.

② Growcheck the consignment tasks performed in accordance with Article 25 (is) foster, a contract, privacy law purposes other than, ban on processing of personal data. Technical and administrative protection, damages, trustee for the management, and, limit damages, including matters concerning the responsibility of the contract, set out in the letter, must have a fiduciary. Oversees and processing personal information safe.

③ the content of the consignment tasks and trust through if there is a change in this processing of personal data without delay a policy to disclose.

5. how rights, obligations and the event of principals of information

The users as personal information object to exercise their rights, such as you can.
Somewhere in the information subjects is following with regard to the protection of personal information at any time about (Agency / General Electric Co., Ltd) -Sites url- to exercise their rights can be.
① Personal Freedom of Information Act request.
② Error correction request
③ Delete request
④ Stopping treatment.

6. Processing of personal data items

① Growcheck is following and personal items of information.

※processing of personal data
- essential items : email, passwords, gender, birth dates, names, physical access information, service records, logs, and cookies, information of access ip.
- choices : sex, date of birth, physical information.

7. The destruction of personal information

The Growcheck (is) processing of personal data in principle aim has been reached if that revocation of personal information without delay. The deadline for breach of procedures, and is as follows.

- After that end users digging process entered information stored a certain period of time according to internal policy and other relevant laws (In the case of a separate paper documents) in accordance with separate db. Nullified or after immediately. At this time, had been moved to a db personal information under the law isn't the case and are not used for other purposes
- for destruction of personal information of personal data. Holding period is elapsed in the end of the holding period within five days, the processing of personal data from the date of the end of the end, the abolition of the service and business owners such as the personal information. Unnecessarily when the processing of personal data in the day within five working days from te personal information that is recognized as being unnecessary destruction.

8. Personal information safety assurance measures

The Privacy Act is Growcheck for safety as follows : in accordance with Article 29 of the technical and administrative and physical measures.
① Regular autonomous audits conducted.
Privacy associated with regular (branch 1) in order to attain stability and doing a self-inspection.

② Minimize privacy of staff and training.
To specify the staff and limited to a person in charge of handling personal information, minimizing personal information management to implement the measures.

③ The establishment and performance of internal management plan.
The safe disposal of personal information for internal management plans and conducts.

④ Relative to the technical measures such as hacking.
Growcheck and computer viruses and other personal information leaks or damage caused by hacking programs to prevent security and regular.Install updates or check-up systems in an area with controlled access to and from the outside world and technical and physical surveillance and blocking.

⑤ Encryption of personal data.
Users personally identifiable information is encrypted password is stored and maintained, and only you can see or encrypt the data files and transfer important data. File locking to use the separate security features such as using.

⑥ Tamper evident and storage of records.
A perfect track record at the access to personal information processing system at least six months or more storage, management and access records to prevent forgery and theft, loss and security features.

⑦ Limit access to personal information.
Data base system that handles the personal information for the grant of access to control access to personal information through the cancellation, change, and the necessary measures. And Intrusion prevention system using unauthorized access from outside the control.

⑧ Use a lock for document security.
Document contained personal information with media, and locking devices, storage and storage in a safe place.

⑨ Access control for an unauthorized person.
To keep private information and physical access control procedures for different one and a storage area and runs.

9. staff for personal information

① Growcheck (is) charge by handling all about the processing of personal data, information related to the processing of personal data by the subject. Complaints, and to remedy damages for privacy as follows and specify the measures taken.

▶ Personal information staff for.
Name : Aram Ju
Position : director
Contacts : +82 70-8624-4536,
※ For more information on privacy department to.

▶ Prices for personal information protection department.
Online development office : department name
Rep : Aram Ju
Contacts : +82 70-8624-4536,

② the information subjects is Growcheck all questions privacy all uses a service (or business). Matters concerning complaints, and to remedy damages as a post and staff for personal information can contact. Growcheck (is) information of a security response without delay and processing for contacting you.

10. Change course of processing of personal data

Somewhere in this stance of handling personal information from date of entry into force and, legislation and policies to additional changes, deletions, and if there is a correction of the changes according to the implementation of the seven days ago. Through the notice.